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    The ultimate wellbeing experience for a holistic mind and body.

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    More than just a sailing trip. Eat healthily, exercise, relax, unwind. Meet new people and experience total calm. ZenBoat embraces the power of nature for an unforgettable, life-affirming trip for both body and mind.

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    Sailing & wellbeing for your mind and body

    Sailing & wellbeing for  your mind and body 1
    Sailing & wellbeing for  your mind and body 2

    Life isn’t about the destination, it’s about the journey; ZenBoat is about both.

    Sail to stunning secluded spots only accessible by small boats. Feast on nutritious Mediterranean food freshly cooked by our chef. Exercise with our health coach. Relax, press pause, find balance.

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    Our goal is to take you on a trip you’ll never forget. One which will leave you feeling light and energised. With only three trips next year, this really is a once in a lifetime opportunity.

    Whether you want to improve your health, feel revitalised, visit Greek islands, or simply feel the sunshine on your soul, we’d love to welcome you aboard ZenBoat.

    Combining nutrition, light physical activity and the sea for the ultimate experience for a holistic mind and body.

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