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    Sailing & wellbeing for your mind and body

    We believe being surrounded by healthy food and activities, like-minded people, and the sun and the sea is the perfect rejuvenation for mind, body and soul.


    The Mediterranean diet is at the heart of our trips

    The Mediterranean diet is at the heart of our trips

    Mediterranean food is widely regarded as one of the healthiest cuisines across the globe – and we take it one step further. Everything we serve on board is locally sourced and freshly cooked. Our two founders, a trained nutritionist, and a Swiss chef previously recognised by Michelin, are in charge of the menu.

    Each meal is nutritious, delicious and topped off with our special, unbeatable ingredient: a stunning setting of sun and sea.

    Let food be thy medicine, Thy medicine shall be thy food



    Exercise is the miracle cure we’ve always had

    Exercise is the miracle cure we’ve always had

    We believe regular light exercise with slow movements and deep breaths, like yoga and pilates, is best for us. The physical and mental health benefits are amazing. From improving flexibility, strength and sleep to reducing stress and anxiety levels. 

    Whether you have a certain physical health goal, want to feel clearer in the mind, or just want to enjoy the sun and the sea, we’d love to welcome you aboard ZenBoat.

    Health is a relationship between you and your body



    Finding inner peace at sea.

    The calm Mediterranean Sea is energising and restorative by nature. There are endless moments for mindfulness; for finding inner peace.

    When you close your eyes, all you hear is the soft ripple of the waves against the yacht. And when you open them, all you see are serene shades of blue and green. Every breath fills your body with calm. Your body feels light; your mind clear. Total relaxation. Stillness.

    Finding inner peace at sea.
    Finding inner peace at sea. image
    Quiet the mind and the soul will speak


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